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Crowder College Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) offers various educational programs for adults in the six counties of Dade, Barry, Jasper, Lawrence, McDonald, and Newton. These programs include Adult Education and Literacy (AEL), English Language Learner (ELL), and AEL Learning Communities.

AEL Services:

AEL classes help with preparing for high school equivalency (HSE) tests, reviewing basic skills, and transitioning to college or careers. These classes can be taken in-person, online, or a combination of both.

In-person AEL classes are held at multiple locations: Aurora, Cassville Campus, Crowder McDonald County Campus (Jane), Monett, Mount Vernon, Neosho Campus, and Noel.

For online learners, there are various options for high school equivalency preparation classes. If you’re interested in online learning, you can inquire about suitable options.

Dade and Lawrence County Learning Communities: Crowder AEL has introduced a new approach to serving rural areas. An AEL Student Advocate will connect with students in rural communities, providing orientation, pretesting, technical support for the high school equivalency online class, encouragement, and assistance with transitioning to college or career paths. The Advocate will visit various partnering locations, including libraries, churches, and community centers.

High School Equivalency Bootcamp: These intensive week-long bootcamps are available in different locations each month, focusing on HSE test preparation. Prior enrollment and pretesting in an AEL classroom are required to determine suitability for the bootcamp.  Apply here: High School Equivalency Bootcamp Interest Form

Missouri High School Equivalency Information: Crowder AEL is shifting from preparing for the HiSET test to preparing for the GED test. Both tests are now approved for high school equivalency in Missouri, and students can combine their test results for certification. This is good news for those who have completed some official HiSET tests and wish to finish the remaining subjects with the GED.

To look up past test results or high school equivalency diplomas in Missouri please go to Diploma Sender and create an account.

English Language Learner Services (ELL):

ELL classes offer English language instruction to improve speaking, reading, and writing skills. These skills are essential for everyday life, social interactions, and business contexts. The curriculum includes civic education, emphasizing citizenship rights and responsibilities. The goal is to empower students to be active and informed community members.

ELL classes are available in-person at several locations: Monett Life 360 Resource Center, Monett Tyson, Neosho Campus, Noel Housing Authority, and Noel Tyson Foods.

ELL Online Hybrid Class: For students who can’t attend in-person classes regularly, there’s an option for hybrid ELL Online classes, combining online instruction with some in-class work.

ELL Online Citizenship Class: This class is designed for Crowder College ELL students seeking more individual support for obtaining U.S. Citizenship.

ELL Driving Simulator Class: Offered exclusively in Joplin at the Refugee and Immigrant Services and Education (RAISE) classrooms, this unique class prepares students for the written test as well as the driving test using a driving simulator.

Integrated Education and Training Services (IET):

IET combines occupational skills training with adult education services, benefiting participants’ education and career advancement. Students, such as those in AEL or ELL programs, receive contextualized instruction that aligns with their training program. IET offerings are tailored to student needs, and past successful IETs have included Transport Training and Advanced Manufacturing Programmable Logic Controllers.

College and Career Transition Services:

Regardless of the AEL or ELL class a student may be enrolled in, Crowder College AEL staff will assist in transitioning to employment opportunities, workforce training, or college admissions. Their aim is to help you find a rewarding career path.

AEL Director

Juli DeNisco

AEL Administrative Assistant

Kenji Yang


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