TSA Business Exam

The Technical Skills Assessment (TSA) exam is a state requirement for all Perkins Career and Technical programs. Therefore, all students receiving an AAS in Business:  Accounting Option or Management Option at Crowder College are required to take the TSA exam.

For AAS Business: Accounting Option majors, students currently enrolled in Certified Bookkeeper Review (ACCT 250) will be required to take the TSA as part of the course requirements.

For AAS Business: Management Option majors, students currently enrolled in Human Resource Management (BMGT 285) will be required to take the TSA as part of the course requirements. The following exams are required for these degrees:

  • AAS Accounting: NOCTI Job Ready Assessment – Accounting Basic
  • AAS Management: NOCTI Job Ready Assessment – General Management

For more information about these exams visit Blueprints – NOCTI.

**Use this website for the Blueprints-NOCTI link instead of the one that is currently used:  https://www.nocti.org/credentials/blueprints

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  • Examinees must bring to the testing center one current identification card printed in English bearing your photograph and
  • All cell phones and electronic items must be turned
  • Cell phones, IDs, and locker keys will be left with the test
  • All other personal items are to be locked in a locker provided by the testing
    1. Backpacks, bags, purses, wallets,
    2. Calculators, music devices, laptops, cameras, health/fitness trackers, or any electronic items.
    3. Outerwear such as coats, sweaters, jackets, scarves, gloves, hats,
    4. Hoodies or any clothing with a
    5. Watches, noisy jewelry,
  • Food or drinks must be left in the proctor’s office and are not allowed into the testing
  • Students will not be allowed to take any personal belongings into the testing


  • Earplugs, pencils, and erasers are provided and are available in the testing
  • The test proctor will provide scratch
  • No talking is allowed in the testing
  • Students will lose their testing privileges in the testing center if they are found cheating on a test, and the incident will be reported to the Crowder College Academic Affairs office and


  • Any scratch paper(s) used during the exam will be collected by test proctors for shredding. All testing materials are the property of NOCTI; therefore, students are not allowed to copy or take any portion of the placement test outside the testing
  • Score reports are available immediately after