A transcript is a record of the courses you have attempted and/or completed in either high school or college. A transcript will contain your GPA and grades received for individual classes.

Grade Point Average – GPA

A student’s grade point average is computed at the end of each semester. The average is used in determining class rank, graduation, honors, academic alert, warning, probation and suspension. Repeated courses cancel the former grade and the most recent grade is used to compute GPA.

In order for college classes to transfer the course must be evaluated by the college you are wishing to transfer to. Finishing all the paperwork to transfer can take some time – so be sure to start early.

If you know in advance you are going to be transferring to a specific university after finishing your degree here at Crowder College it is a good idea to check with the university’s admissions department and make sure you are enrolled in the correct transferable courses for their program.