SSS-Nevada Tutoring



The Crowder – Nevada SSS Tutoring Services provided by the SSS program are provided to all students in the SSS Program at no charge. As a SSS student, you will have access to one on one and group tutoring with both peers and instructors. Our tutors are carefully chosen to meet the academic needs of our SSS students. Student tutors must have a high level of success in the course or discipline they are tutoring. All tutoring is subject to tutor availability.

How do I access the tutoring services?

There are multiple options to access the SSS program’s tutoring services. 1. Check your Canvas for the tutoring schedule each semester. Each semester the tutoring schedule changes to accommodate more students in relation to the courses they are taking. Our tutoring is primarily a “walk in lab,” which means you just show up to the room at the scheduled time for the type of tutoring you need.

Another way to find out about the tutoring services is to just stop by our offices. Any of us in the TRIO SSS offices can help you and provide you with the information you need to get tutoring assistance. You can also look for bulletin boards or in the hallways; we often have posters up about the tutoring that indicate when and where it will take place.

One last note, and this may be the most important: Never wait until you are lost in your class to get tutoring. If it is a class you know you might have trouble with, start with a tutor the very first week of classes. You will be amazed how much difference it makes to start tutoring the first week. If you wait until you are lost in the class, the odds of recovery go down drastically.

For further information, please contact:

SSS Academic Coordinator
417-667-0518 ext: 5241 or 5242 or 5243