When should I call campus security or the police?

You should call Crowder College Safety and Security (417.455.5744 or 417.456.0206) or the police (911) if you believe there is an immediate emergency or whenever you believe there is any threat of violence or other unlawful behavior. Any threat of violence should be taken seriously. Err on the side of caution.

When should I take action to report a concern?

It’s often a mistake to assume disruptive behavior will stop on its own or a student who shows signs of distress will be able to cope without support. Crowder College believes in identifying, assessing and responding to “small” incidents or signs before they become more serious.

Are reports confidential?

It is not a violation of The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to share personal observations or observable student behaviors.  FERPA also allows a person to share information about a student if there is a belief of harm to self or others.

How often are reports reviewed by the BIT?

Reports are generally reviewed and assigned to BIT members during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. Emergencies should NOT be reported through the Student in Distress Report and should be reported to Crowder College Safety and Security (417.455.5744 or 417.456.0206) or the police (911).

The BIT meets regularly to review and follow up on assigned cases; however, cases are assigned on an ongoing basis throughout the week.

Will I hear from anyone about my report?

Once a report is submitted, a member of the Crowder College Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is assigned to the report.  The assigned BIT member may contact you for additional information.  In some cases you have provided enough detail for the assigned BIT member to contact the student directly.  In other cases, the student may self-disclose information to help the BIT member and follow up with you may not be necessary.  You will not always be contacted about the report and/or the resolution.  If the concerning behavior(s) continue, please submit an additional report.

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