“The Future is in Your Hands”



CTEC expects its students to develop in terms of:

  1. Communication skills, listening, speaking and writing.
  2. Analytical skill: analyzing, synthesizing and applying contextual learning.
  3. Understanding environmental issues.
  4. Pursuing justice and creating a more caring society.
  5. An awareness of our history, culture and our place in the contemporary world.
  6. Physical health and wellness.

CTEC will provide the opportunity for people to pursue associate degrees and certificate programs, plus continuing educational opportunities to include:

  1. Career education leading to economic self-reliance.
  2. Both developmental and honors education to allow greater opportunity to fully exercise each individual’s academic potential.
  3. Endeavors to enrich life through cultural and avocational opportunities.
  4. Partnerships with business, industry and others designed to support a greater quality of life and an economic base in the community.

CTEC complies with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disability Act of 1990.


It is the goal of CTEC to provide each student with an opportunity to develop skills for entry-level employment. CTEC offers secondary vocational-technical programs that complement and expand existing sending school’s curricula. CTEC provides opportunities through classroom, shop and vocational organization activities to enable students to develop occupational competencies equal to entry-level skills. CTEC provides guidance services and comprehensive job placement services that include pre-employment preparation, job development, job placement and follow-up upon completion.


Diamond, East Newton, McDonald County, Neosho & Seneca high schools are partners with CTEC.

Crowder Technical Education