A+ Program

A+ Program

The A+ program main goal is to assure that all students, when they graduate, are well-prepared to pursue advanced education, employment, or both. The A+ program is funded through the State of Missouri and is administered by the Missouri Department of Higher Education. As such, changes are often made as the program is reviewed frequently. Any changes that are made are typically retroactive, meaning that they take effect immediately and are applied to every A+ eligible student no matter when they began using their A+ benefits. You are always notified of any changes to the A+ program through email and posted information on the Crowder College website.  Please be sure to check your Crowder College email account for notices with regard to your A+ benefits.

What Does A+ Cover?

The Missouri A+ Scholarship Program provides coverage of tuition, institutional support, safety and security fees each eligible.  A+ eligible students may receive funding for a maximum of 105% of the credit hours required for completion of their degree within 48 months (4 years) from the date of high school graduation or the completion of the first certificate or associate degree.

  • A+ will not pay for repeated coursework; any repeated coursework that was paid for by the A+ Program initially will be paid for by the student during the semester the repeated coursework is being completed.
  • A+ will not pay for dropped; any dropped coursework will be paid for by the student during the semester the dropped occurred.

A+ Eligibility:

  • Student must be seeking a degree from Crowder College: A+ may not be used during a summer home from another college.
  • You must enroll at full-time status (minimum of (12) credit hours for fall or spring semesters, (6) credit hours for summer semester) and successfully complete all coursework paid by A+. Any dropped hours will be billed to you during the semester the drop(s) occurred (hour-for-hour). Dropped coursework will be reimbursed if you complete fewer than 12 credit hours (6 in summer) because you will be ineligible for A+ until the dropped hours are completed.  Student can choose to decline to use A+ in a term when below full time and pay out of pocket to be eligible next term.
  • Student must meet the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) minimum requirement of 2.5 or higher for reimbursement.
  • Student must complete the FAFSA for the correct academic year and provide all required information to the Financial Aid Office in order to complete their Financial Aid file.
  • Student must complete the A+ agreement form and turn into the A+ Coordinator.
  • Student must have an official high school transcript with the A+ Seal/Stamp on file with the Records Office.

**A+ will pay for a student to be less than full time only if:

  • The student has a documented disability and has an ADA letter on file with the A+ Office from the Office of Disability Services Coordinator.
  • The student plans to graduate at the end of the semester, has applied for graduation with the Record’s office, and has notified the A+ Coordinator.

The following is a link to the Missouri Department of Higher Education’s A+ website: Missouri Department of Higher Education

For more questions concerning these changes, feel free to contact Kelli Cragin, A+ Coordinator at 417.455.5572, kellicragin@crowder.edu or aplus@crowder.edu.

For Additional Information Contact:

Kelli Cragin
A+ Coordinator

The A+ Schools Financial Assistance program is dependent upon continued funding from the State of Missouri and is not the responsibility of Crowder College.