Apprenticeship Opportunities

Finding a person to fill a position is tough. Training a person who has little or no previous training for the job is costly and time-consuming. Retaining talent, so you don’t have to find and train another person, can be challenging.

Apprenticeship Programs are Designed to Give You:

  • more success in filling new positions
  • higher employee retention
  • improved employee satisfaction

Crowder has the ingredients you need to establish a pipeline of motivated employee prospects.

We have the training programs you need and a student pipeline to support your hiring efforts.  Crowder has partnered with high schools and technical centers to support career pathways to successful careers. There are four unique apprenticeship programs at Crowder that serve a wide range of businesses and industries.

Apprenticeship Partners

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Your Path to Apprenticeship

Attend the Apprenticeship Summit

Discuss the recruitment and retention challenges and needs for your industry and others.

Discuss trends for anticipated hiring needs for the next three years.

Crowder Develops your Apprenticeship Program

Work with Crowder to evaluate the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities necessary for an entry-level employee.

Work with Crowder to determine related training and instruction that should be provided by the college and necessary on-the-job training.

Crowder builds paths for students to fill your program.

Crowder develops and promotes career pathways and pre-apprenticeship opportunities to identify and hire new employees.

When a position opens up, you want to be able to easily fill it with a motivated person and be confident they will develop the skills you need them to have in order to be successful.

You don’t want to have to roll the dice on hiring someone with no experience or training, just because no one better was available to fill the position.

The problem is that you have to fish in the same small pond as everyone else in your industry (including your competition).

Crowder College designs apprenticeship programs to fit your needs using a mix of courses, certificates, or degrees to train or up-skill employees for your hard-to-fill positions. Career Pathways are established with high school programs to build interest in these fields, and apprenticeship programs can be promoted to potential students who are looking for a career path.

By attending the apprenticeship summit and/or working with Crowder to identify your hard-to-fill positions and the skills needed for the ideal entry-level employee, you’ll be taking action now to end and prevent the pains of recruiting and training.

When your apprenticeship program is fully operational, instead of fishing from the same small pond as your competition for talent, you’ll confidently recruit from a larger pool of candidates with a clear plan for the skills they will develop through your apprenticeship program.  Instead of settling for what’s out there, you will be ready to fill and train employees to support the growth you want to achieve. 

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