Prospective Students

All prospective students are encouraged to contact the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) early in the process, especially if you have questions about what documentation is required for eligibility purposes.  Early planning helps to ensure accommodations are in place when classes begin.  Academic accommodations are modifications to academic requirements or procedures that are necessary to ensure that qualified students with disabilities receive equal access to education. These modifications should not alter the academic integrity of the course. Each person is unique in his/her needs, and therefore, services will depend on what each person needs in order to equally participate in the classroom setting. To attend Crowder College and use OAS services; first complete an application to Crowder College.  The admissions application process for students with disabilities is the same as that of other students. Once you have completed the application for admissions you will need to self-identify to the Office of Accessibility Services by completing an OAS Application.  The application for disability services provides OAS staff with preliminary information regarding your disability, requested services and campus location.  Written documentation which supports your disability may need to be provided in addition to the OAS application.