Longwell Museum

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Monday — Friday: 9AM – 6:30PM (Closed Holidays)
For more information, contact Joshua Novak by phone: 417-455-5470 or email: JoshuaNovak@Crowder.edu

Longwell Museum Display
Established in 1970 as a teaching museum, the Crowder College Museum of Arts and Sciences was an exciting addition to the college. Built on a desire to educate students in the rich traditions of Ozark Culture, a small band of directors and supporters began collecting examples of local art work. The first exhibits were organized from the homes of area residents. This early inclusion of local supporters in the inner working of the museum set a precedent for donations and patrons that thrives today.

Over the next several years, the patronage of Dan and Mary Longwell stood out in significance. The Longwell’s worked for Time and LIFE magazines during the 40’s and 50’s. Their many writings in support of Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry, and Peter Hurd earned the couple the artists’ undying appreciation. The Longwell’s later donated many items from their personal private art collection to Crowder College. In 1986, the museum’s name changed to the Longwell Museum.

Today, the Longwell Museum holds the entire LIFE Magazine collection, several Thomas Hart Benton original lithographs, the famed Daisy Cook collection, and many more donated pieces.  The Museum has 8 movable walls and 77 pedestals to display artwork for regional and national artists throughout the year.
Longwell Museum Display

The Longwell Museum was founded to create space for art to be enjoyed, encouraged, and experienced. It is modeled after the Longwell’s legacy.

Longwell Museum is located in the Elsie Plaster Community Center on the Neosho Crowder College campus. Please contact our Fine Arts Department for further information, 417.455.5470.