Scholarship Giving…

Scholarship funds are made possible by the generosity of donors to the Foundation. Major donor groups include friends of the College, faculty, staff, students and alumni, retired employees, board members, corporations and foundations. Their generosity helps hundreds of students who would not otherwise be able to attend college.

We are now accepting scholarship applications for the Fall 2020 semester. Priority deadline is March 1. If you believe you have a special need, please contact the Foundation Offices at 417-455-5522.

Foundation Annual Scholarships
Made possible by donors to the College Annual Campaign.
Criteria: Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester to be eligible and must maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. for renewal of multi-semester scholarships. Additional requirements vary for each scholarship, including but not limited to geographic residency, financial need, and specific area of study. Scholarship amounts vary.
(Applies to: Tuition, fees, books, supplies.)

Center Scholarship ($675 per semester, fall & spring, toward tuition, fees and book loan)
Each Crowder College Center will select a high school graduate who has a minimum 3.5 GPA and will attend the Center from which the scholarship is awarded.
Renewable up to 3 consecutive semesters with a minimum 3.0 GPA and successful completion of a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.
Center Scholarships are limited.
*A+ students are eligible for Center Scholarships

Trustee Scholarship ($650 per semester, fall & spring, applied to tuition and fees and books)
High school seniors graduating from an Accredited High School, ranking in the top 15% of their class OR a student scoring a 25 or higher on the ACT.
Renewable up to 3 consecutive semesters with a minimum 3.0 GPA and successful completion of a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.
Trustee scholarships are limited.
*A+ students are eligible for Trustees scholarships.

Scholarships by Major & Field of Study


Ben Williams Memorial
Eldon Schnakenberg
Irma Lipe Ag Travel Seminar
Jarvis & Mary Asbill
Tommy Eugene Crane Memorial
James Agriculture Leadership


Corner Counties Assn. of Educational Office Personnel
Gene & Laurie Delano (Accounting)
Laura Marie Stephens Memorial
NAIFA – SW Missouri
Wilbur Hyde

Criminal Justice

Neenah Jernigan Endowed Scholarship (2nd year students only)

Teacher Education

Dr. Dell Reed Memorial
Goodman Alumni
James T. & Peggy Payne (Secondary Education)
Laurence & Rosilee Dabbs
Perry & Hughla Bliss Memorial


BRANCO (Engineering or Construction)
Nick & Sally Nichols (Business or Engineering)
Pre-Engineering Alumni

Performing Arts/Graphic Art

Albert Brumley Music (Music)
Glenn Trust (Music or Art)
Neosho Art Council (Performing Art/Graphic Art)
R.W. Dabbs Greer (Theatre student)


Carter Family (Nursing or Health Occupation)
Dale Armstrong
Dr. Fountain
Elaine Carter
Howard & Maxine Kerns
Jim & Marjorie Edmonds
Katie Heilig Memorial
Robert L. Grassi (Level II Nursing)
Virginia Shaver


Herbert & Barbara Schade 


Hunt/Collie (Math or Science)
Spee Dee Lube (Automotive)
Wagner Family (Vocational)
Wayne Cole (Transport Training)
Elijah J. Tatum (Autism)

Scholarships by Extracurricular Activity

4 States MVP (Crowder College soccer player)
Allen Baseball (Crowder College baseball player)
Loren Lamoreaux (Lady Rider basketball player)

Scholarships by Geographical Location

McDonald County Resident

Albert Brumley Music (McDonald County resident and High School graduate)
Babbitt (McDonald County High School graduate)
Cornerstone Bank
Gene & Glenna Barnes
Goodman Alumni (McDonald County High School graduate)
Howard & Maxine Kerns
Laurence & Rosilee Dabbs
McDonald County #1
McDonald County #2
McDonald County #3
Tatum Family
Vancuren Family (Southwest City resident)

Newton County Resident

Bill Lee Memorial
James T. & Peggy Payne (Neosho High School graduate)
Kevin Michael Morrow (Neosho High School graduate)

Newton or McDonald County Resident

McClelland Family
Ben Williams Memorial
Bernice Clark Memorial
Corner Counties Assn. of Educational Office Personnel
Daughters of the American Revolution
Dr. Dell Reed Memorial
Gene & Glenna Barnes


Gene & Laurie Delano (East Newton High School graduate)
DJ Poynor (Jasper, Newton, Cherokee or Ottawa County resident)
Finis Moss Charitable Trust (Bronaugh, NE Vernon County, Hume, Rich Hill, Butler, Sheldon, El Dorado Spring, El Dorado Christian and Liberal High School graduate)
Generation of Jane (Jane Township resident)
Glen & Alberta Clayton (Newton or Jasper County High School graduate)
Greenfield Scholarship (Greenfield High School graduate or resident)
John Hayes & Sue Sickles (Attending Mt. Vernon Campus)
Spee Dee Lube (Neosho, Seneca, East Newton, McDonald County High School graduate)

Scholarships for Women

Flowerbox City Newcomers Club
McClelland Family
Daughters of the American Revolution


Christopher Foundation (Pediatric Cancer survivor)


Bill & Joe Walker
Bobbie Thomas Memorial
Dr. Ralph W. Disney Memorial
Ethel Davidson
Fay and Nancy Granger
Festival of Wreaths
George Tanner
Higdon Family
Evening of Jazz
Jean, Mildred & Jack Lemmons Charitable Trust
Jim Burrows
Jim Gage/Rotary
JR Carter
Klepinger Family
La-Z-Boy Corporate
Louise Holland Trust
Margaret & Clark Reid
Ron Johnson
Roy Jean Carter Memorial
D.G. Sauer
Scott & Chris Wade


Access for Success
Alan & Lori Marble
CC Tech
Childhood Development
Classified Staff
Crowder Faculty Association
Dallas and Carolyn Kelly
Ellis Foundation
George Hillard
George Washington Carver
Moss Emergency
Newton County Senior Center
Paul Clark Memorial
PBL Scholarship
Professional Staff
Project Lead The Way (High school seniors who have completed at least 2 PLTW courses)
Ramona Kruse Munsell Rocketdyne Church of Christ
Ray Vaughn
Southwest Little Theatre
Sue Clark Memorial
Todd Kerley Memorial (McDonald County resident)

Part-Time Student

DJ Poynor Memorial
Laveta Boyd

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