• Talent Search is designed for students who may be the first in their family to go to college to receive a four-year degree.
    • Talent Search is for students who meet certain income guidelines.
– For income guidelines, visit the US Department of Education website
  • Talent Search serves students in the 6th through 12th grade in the following school districts:


  • Cassville Jr. High School
  • Cassville High School

East Newton

  • East Newton High School
  • Granby
  • Triway

McDonald County

  • McDonald County High School
  • White Rock Elementary
  • Rocky Comfort Elementary
  • Southwest City Elementary
  • Pineville Elementary
  • Anderson Middle School
  • Noel Elementary


  • Monett Intermediate
  • Monett Middle School
  • Monett High School


  • Neosho High School
  • Neosho Jr. High School
  • Neosho Middle School

Pierce City

  • Pierce City Middle School
  • Pierce City High School


  • Seneca High School
  • Seneca Jr. High
  • Seneca Intermediate

Southwest R-5

  • Southwest R-5 High School
  • Southwest R-5 Middle School<


  • Wheaton High School
  • Wheaton Jr. High