Transfer Students

Transfer Students Admissions

  • Apply for Admission

  • Veterans

    • Transfer your benefit by filling out the “Change of Program or Training” form
    • VA Forms
    • Turn in the required Paperwork to the Veteran Services Office:
      • DD 214
      • Orientation Form
      • Request for VA Certification (RVAC)
      • Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
  • Complete FAFSA

  • Turn in all post-secondary educational transcripts

  • Meet with an advisor to:

    • Enroll in classes
    • Sign up for a Start Smart
    • Get your picture taken for your Crowder ID
  • Purchase books & prepare for classes

    • You can purchase books at our Bookstore and charge them to your student accounts.
      • Post 9/11 Benefits (for veterans) — Book stipends will be sent to your bank account and it is your responsibility to pay the Cashier’s office.
      • Vocational Rehabilitation (for veterans) — The Cashier’s office sends an invoice to your VA/VR counselor which includes books.
  • Transfer Credits Acceptance

    • Crowder College accepts transfer credits from institutions accredited by the major institutional accrediting agencies. The Registrar evaluates the transfer credits. A course syllabus may be requested, if necessary. If a student believes he or she has met a course requirement at a previous institution, the student can (with the help of their Advisor) request a course substitution. Course substitutions are approved by the Division Chair and Academic Affairs and recorded through a Course Substitution form submitted to the Registrar. If approved, the course equivalency is documented in Records.
  • Missouri Higher Education Core Transfer Curriculum (CORE 42)

    • Crowder College participates in Missouri’s CORE 42 Transfer Agreement. The completion of CORE 42 courses at any public institution of higher education will transfer to every other public institution of higher education in the state. Individual courses that comprise the CORE 42 are guaranteed to transfer one-to-one among all public (and participating independent) colleges and universities in Missouri. For questions regarding the transferability of CORE 42 designated courses at Crowder College or other Missouri institutions, please contact your advisor.