Behavior Support Center



Behavior Support Center

The Maddox Hill Center at Crowder College serves children with autism, developmental disabilities and behavior challenges in Neosho School District, among other school districts in the region.  It is the MHC mission to provide the most effective, evidenced based interventions to foster the greatest growth in their children.

At the Crowder College Behavior Support Center, we embrace our leaders and join in on their mission. Therefore, here are a few more values that are specific to our charge.

  • Serve with Gratitude: Recognizing the faith that the parents of the children we serve have placed in us and honoring that relationship in a way that we would wish to be served.
  • Strive for Excellence: Committing ourselves to surpassing standards by not doing what is easy, but what is right for our children.
  • Lead with Action: Our value and worth are recognized in our acts of service; not from the desire for pretension.
  • Unification: Standing together in our greatest successes and in our most robust challenges for each member of our team, both as a family and as professionals, makes us stronger.

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