Transfer Services

Transfer Services

Students who plan ahead have an advantage to save time and money while attending college! Transfer services at Crowder College are in place to help students make a seamless transfer upon completion of their degree.

Transfer Fair Schedule

  • Neosho: October 10 (10am- 2pm/Wright Conference Center)
  • Webb City: October 24 (9:30am- 1:30pm/ Hickey Building)
  • Cassville: October 25 (10am- 2pm/ Student Commons)
  • Nevada: October 26 (11am- 2pm/ Outside weather permitting)

Services for Students

  • Transfer advisement
  • Campus visits to area four-year institutions
  • Transfer Fairs
  • Crowder College Transfer Guide
  • Transfer Scholarships for Crowder Graduates

University Partners

Crowder College and the following institutions have developed articulation agreements at both the institutional level and the program level. These colleges and universities accept courses and credits from Crowder College as outlined in the agreements.

If Crowder College does not have an articulation agreement with a transfer institution of interest, students are encouraged to contact the school that they plan to transfer to determine courses that they should take while at Crowder. For assistance, you may also contact the Student Success Center or Career and Transfer Services.

As a student prepares to graduate and transfer, it is important to understand that all colleges and universities are not alike. They all have different programs, services, and deadlines. To ensure you make the most efficient use of your time, effort, and money when transferring to another institution, be sure to research specific deadlines and transfer policies of universities and be sure to consult with an academic advisor.