Student Jobs

Student Jobs

There are types of student jobs, work-study and non-work-study. To apply, create a profile, or search for open positions visit Career Coach. If you have questions contact CareerServices@Crowder.edu.


The office of Career and Transfer Services coordinates the Federal Work-Study program at Crowder College. The Federal Work-Study Program allows students with financial need to earn money through a part-time, on campus job to help pay education expenses. Before applying for any type of work-study position, students should always verify eligibility with the Financial Aid Office.

Non-Work-Study, Student Workers, and Tutors

This type of position does not have a requirement that the student is work-study eligible. There are few positions each year that are classified as non-work-study.

  • Great Western Dining (Separate application, can be picked up in the Dining Hall. Email GaryJones@crowder.edu for more information.)
  • Tutoring (Separate application, apply in the Student Success Center. Email henriwhitehead@crowder.edu for more information.)

Working Off Campus

If looking for a position off-campus, we recommend utilizing the following sites for your job search.

Career Coach
Missouri Job Center
Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce
Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce
McDonald County Chamber of Commerce