Crowder Cares



Crowder Cares


If this is an emergency that requires immediate attention, please contact 911 or Crowder Safety and Security at 417.455.5744 or 417.456.0206. 

Crowder College cares about its students, their success, and the safety and development of our college community. Using the links below staff, students, and faculty can report student issues. This will help Crowder provide students what they need to be successful.

Academic Alert – An Academic Alert should be used by faculty and staff to report students struggling with academic issues such as: attendance concerns, academic performance Concerns (low test scores, skills deficiencies, missing assignments, etc.)

Student in Distress – This form is intended to encourage faculty, staff, and students to voluntarily alert staff to a student who may be in distress and may need additional non-academic help.

Crowder Food Pantry – Crowder students may use this form to request non-perishable food items from the Rider Pantry.

Title IX Sexual Harassment Report – This report should be used to alert staff to an incident involving any type of sexual harassment or misconduct. This may include but is not limited to rape, stalking, discrimination, sexual harassment, gender-based bullying, dating/domestic violence, and sexual exploitation.

Crowder Cares Resources List – This is a list of some local community resources with contact information for someone who may be in distress. Nearly all services are free and open to both males and females.

Suicide Screener: This easy-to-use tool is designed to be used by anyone. The left side has specific questions to ask students who may be suicidal, and the right side gives instructions of what you should do depending on how the student answers. If the student answers YES to any question, complete a Crowder Cares Student in Distress referral in addition to other instructions.

If you have any questions regarding these forms, please contact the Student Affairs Office at 417.455.5636.