Make a report when someone you know shows any of these signs of distress.

  • Academic assignments dominated by themes of extreme hopelessness or rage;
  • Angry, hostile, physically violent or verbally abusive;
  • Appearing disoriented, slurred speech, or inability to communicate;
  • Behavior is out of context or out of touch with reality;
  • Content of writings or presentations are disturbing;
  • Disruptive behavior interferes with teaching & learning;
  • Exhibits poor hygiene, fatigue or listlessness;
  • Exhibits signs of drug, alcohol or other substance abuse;
  • Expresses suicidal thoughts/feelings or personal problems;
  • Exhibits signs of excessive gambling;
  • Increased demand for attention;
  • Is having difficulty with personal/family issues;
  • Office appointments focus on personal issues;
  • Responses to events are disproportionate or overly emotional;
  • Signs of depression, self-harm, cutting, anxiety;
  • Signs of eating disorder or displays negative body image;
  • Victim of, or witness to, violence, intimidation or threatening behavior;
  • Written or verbal comments about harm to self or others; or
  • Any other sign of distress which you believe someone else should know about.

These behaviors, especially when more than one are present, may be signs describing a student in distress.
There are many resources available to help Crowder College students.

Your report to the Crowder College Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) can make a difference.


To make a report click here.