Degrees & Programs

For detailed program information please refer to the Current College Catalog.


Fire Science, Certificate


Social Work, AA
Spanish, Certificate
Surgical Technology, AAS


Teaching, AAT
Theatre, AA


Welding: Plate, Certificate
Welding: Pipe & Plate, Certificate
Welding: Plate & Fabrication, Certificate
Welding, AAS

Career and Salary Information
Pursuant to Missouri HB 1606 (2018), information regarding the number of credit hours, program length, employment rate, wage data, and graduates employed in careers related to their program of study at Crowder College can be found at the following URL: https://scorecard.mo.gov/scorecard/. Search using School / Program “Crowder College” and choose the degree or credential type of interest.

The following limitations to the data apply: Information provided is based on the most recent cohorts available. Typically, most recent cohorts for wage and completion data are six years prior to the current academic year. Time to complete a program of study varies depending on the number of credit hours students earn per semester.

General Education
Crowder College, in compliance with the State Agreement on General Education, has built this website to provide information about the General Education core of the Associate in Arts Degree at Crowder College.  We invite comments and concerns about the nature of the general education core as we have defined it. The matrix provided by the Coordinating Board of Higher Education (CBHE) will be broken into component parts by the identified goals and put into individual pages within this website.  The various components of the matrix will be included and links to Crowder Institutional Syllabi will be provided.

The process for reviewing and revising the General Education Core at Crowder included numerous discussions by a General Education Committee and additional discussions within the various divisions of the college.  After reviewing the existing program, the committee concluded that modifying the distribution model while taking into account the various goals and objectives would make the most sense for Crowder.  As the product of those discussions, the proposed distribution and criteria can be found in section three of the college catalog.

The goals and competencies may be accessed by clicking here.  Comments can be addressed to us at AcademicAffairs@crowder.edu