General Information

Eric Deatherage, Director
Phone: (417) 455-5610
Fax: (417) 455-5702

Borrowing and Lending
Consortium Memberships
Location and Rules

Consortium Memberships

SWAN: Consortium member, providing access to 10 member libraries statewide. This resource should be the users second step in the search for information, after searching the Crowder Catalog.

MOBIUS: Consortium Member, providing access to materials from 72 member libraries statewide. This resource should be the users third step in searching for information, after searching the Crowder and Swan Catalogs.

WORLDCAT: If you search all other library resources and are still unable to locate your item, contact library staff and we can conduct a world wide search for your desired resource.

Borrowing and Lending

many may be checked out?
how long?
if they are

returned late?

Books   15 28 days 5¢ a day
per book until billed, then a $5 processing fine is applied
  Library use only
(including videos)
  1   1 Hour
(unless designated longer)
25¢ a day
to maximum
of twice it’s cost

(loose issues)
  5 (back issues
1 Week 5¢ a day
  2 3 days 50¢ a day
& CDs
  3 28 days 5¢ a day
& MOBIUS books
  10 28 days No charge for
21 days & then considered lost & billed $120
loan books
  10 Depends on policy

of lending Library

Depends on policy

of lending Library

*The maximum number of items a student may check out
is 15 regardless of type.

Close Borrowing and Lending


Study Areas

Public study areas with tables and chairs may be found throughout the library.

Study rooms are available for more private studying for groups of 1 to 6 people. These areas must be scheduled, first come first serve, at the service desk.

Information resources

Information resources include paper format books and periodicals, as well as multiple databases, a large collection of electronic books, and audio visual materials

Library instruction

Class instruction sessions may be scheduled through the library director. In addition, one-on-one instruction with is available on an as needed, first come first serve basis.


A computer lab equiped with 40 computer stations is available for student and public use. The lab is opened during library hours, and close 15 minutes prior to the library closing.


WIFI is available throughout the library. Devices must be electronically registered with the college IT in order to access the WIFI.


The Lee Library is located in the Arnold Farber Academic Building on the Crowder College campus in Neosho.


Checking Out Items

  • Crowder ID (obtained through Student Services) required to check out materials.
  • Late items will accrue the fines and pentalties identified in the “Lending and Borrowing Policies” section of this webpage.
  • Return all items and pay all fines prior to the end of each Semester or you will not be allowed to enroll in, sell back textbooks to, or recieve transcripts from Crowder College.

Computer Use

  • Chat and games are not allowed.
  • The Computer Lab’s primary purpose is to support course related research and priority will be given to that function.
  • The Crowder College Information Technology Computer Use Agreement is strictly enforced at the library. The agreement may be found on the IT section of the Crowder Website.
  • Research/Instructional Computers located at the front of the library are specifically for locating library related materials and may not be used for any other purpose.

Food and Drink

  • Food is not allowed in the library.
  • Drink is allowed in the library, but only in a secure/spill proof container. Paper or Styrofoam cups are not considered secure containers. Drink is NOT ALLOWED IN THE COMPUTER LAB OR INSTRUCTIONAL CLASSROOM.
  • The user is liable for any damages associated with food or drink.

Cell Phone, Hand Held Devices, Laptops, and Headphone use

  • Cell Phones should be placed in silent mode. Phone conversations should take place outside of the library.
  • Texting and Hand Held Device Use is allowed, but should take place in silent mode.
  • Laptop and other computer audio should occur only with personal headphones
  • Headphone volume associated with any device use (computer, MP3 player, etc.) should be moderated for personal use only, and should not be heard by other library users.

Children in the Library

  • Student Handbook: “It is the policy of Crowder College that children who are not on campus for some specific age-related activity not be present in the classroom or other areas of the college, in lieu of other child care arrangements (refer to Board Policy 5.10). ”
  • Minor children may not be unattended in the library and are not allowed to use library computers.

Personal Items

  • Personal Items must not be left unattended. The librarians are not allowed to secure or watch items for you.

Security Gates

  • Library Materials are secured electronically. Security gates will annouce with an alarm any materials not appropriately checked out.