Certified Medical Assistant

Certified Medical Assistant


What is a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)?

Crowder College offers a Certified Medical Assistant certificate that provides students with the broad range of health, science, and office skills that are helpful for different medical facilities. This is an excellent job for people that like helping others in many different ways.

Potential CMA job duties include:

  • Recording patients medical history, vitals, or test results.
  • Operating equipment to administer diagnostic tests.
  • Authorizing prescription refills and providing information to pharmacies.
  • Contacting medical facilities or departments to schedule patients for tests or admission.
  • Explaining treatment procedures, medications, diets, or instructions to patient.
  • Collecting blood, tissue, or other specimens, logging the specimens, and preparing them for testing.

Places where CMAs work:

  • Medical assistants
  • Phlebotomists
  • Health information technicians
  • Medical secretaries
  • Physical therapy aides


Why Choose Crowder?


One Semester Program

The CMA certificate can be completed in just one semester!

A+ Eligible

Whether you make use of A+, scholarships, or just Crowder's low tuition, Crowder provides an affordable way to continue your education!


A clinical internship is part of the program to give students hands-on experience.

Apprenticeship Program with Freeman Health System

A partnership between Crowder College and Freeman Health System provides students the opportunity to combine on-the-job training and a classroom experience while getting paid and having tuition costs at Crowder College covered. Learn more about this program by visiting freemanhealth.com/professional-development

Contact Aly Hitchcock, Supervisor Clinic Support Services, at 417.347.4686 for more information.

Contact Information

Phone: 417.455.5429
Email: AlliedHealth@crowder.edu