Veterinary Technology

A Rewarding Career

Crowder College’s Veterinary Technology program is a seventy-eight (78) credit hour curriculum to earn an Associate in Applied Science degree. This program which is accredited through the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Registered Veterinary Technicians in Missouri must graduate from an AVMA accredited program, pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam, and the Missouri State Exam.

Upon successful completion of these board examinations, graduates are certified to work with a licensed DVM in a companion animal, exotic, equine, and food animal practices, performing medical nursing and technical procedures. Positions are also available in teaching and research institutions, as well as in industry.

A Great Place to Learn

Crowder College offers a fantastic atmosphere for aspiring Vet-tech’s. The campus houses several barns with corrals, over 300 acres of farm land, an outdoor dog kennel as well as an indoor small animal kennel. Inside the Agricultural Science Center labs offer hands on experience with a surgery, anatomy lab x-ray and field technology.

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The College is home to a wide variety of animals, domestic and occasionally exotic, that are housed and well cared for in roomy clean enclosures or in open pasture lands. Small animals like cats and dogs are brought in from shelters where they risked being euthanized due to space restrictions or health problems. At Crowder the animals are rehabilitated and loved by students & staff – and then through a strict process found good homes.

Acceptance into the Program

Crowder College accepts eighteen (18) students per year into the Veterinary Technology program. The number of general education classes a student has completed, his/her grade point average, experience in the field, and letters of recommendation will all be considered when deciding whether or not to accept a student.

Students must have successfully completed a college biology or zoology class to apply for the program. Students must also be at the level of Crowder’s Math 100, English 101, and at a reading level greater than or equal to LOC 90 to be considered for acceptance into the program.

For more information about the program please call 417.455.5772.

Suggested Plan of Study - AAS Veterinary Technology

 The Crowder College mission is “Crowder College: Building a civil, serving, literate, learning community of responsible citizens.” In addition to this mission, The Crowder College Veterinary Technology Program strives to instill the importance of ethical behavior and an attitude of life-long learning, while training students to provide the highest quality of animal care, alleviate animal suffering, and promote public health. 

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