Social Work

Social Work


The Associate of Arts in Social Work degree is 64 credit hours and provides students an avenue to obtain introductory-level knowledge in the field of social work study. The degree is designed to provide the necessary foundation courses for transition into the required Bachelors of Social Work degree that enables individuals to work as social workers. The field of social work allows options for careers that provide a positive impact on individuals, families, and the greater community. The field of social work provides an abundance of options in work settings as well as a variety of social issues to address. Social work has its own unique body of accreditation for educational programs. Students fulfilling the educational requirements to become social workers will be well prepared to join the helping profession of empowering individuals, families, and communities and facilitating positive change in their environments.

Social workers can be found in a variety of areas in the community such as:

  • Addictions Treatment
  • Community Mental Health
  • Domestic Violence
  • Adoptions & Foster Care
  • Criminal Justice
  • Disaster Relief
  • Military & Veterans’ Services
  • Private Practice

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