Teacher Education

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"My future goal is to take what I have learned in this program and apply it to a career in elementary school speech and language pathology."
The state of Missouri is making many changes to both the teacher education program requirements and evaluation of certified teachers. Because of these changes, the information is open to change. Please use this as a general guide to our program requirements. It is a very good practice to check with a Teacher Education advisor every semester as you plan enrollment. It is also wise to contact the Teacher Education program at the university to which you plan to transfer. They can advise you about specific requirements for entry into their programs.
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"I chose Crowder College because of the size of the classes and the friendly faces along with the affordability to obtain a degree."
We strive at Crowder to provide you the best preparation opportunity. Although some particular requirements may change, writing and research skills are being stressed, so it would be to your advantage to take courses that will help you strengthen those skills. At the university, your GPA will be calculated several ways. They will look specifically at your education courses, your general education courses, and courses in an academic emphasis area or certification area. Therefore, you must be aware of grades in all subjects. Many schools are looking at 3.0 GPA in each of the areas mentioned.

For degree requirements please refer to our course catalog.

Transferring to a University

Missouri Southern State University

Missouri State University

Pittsburg State University

Testing Requirements for AAT

As a future teacher in the state of Missouri there are many things you will need to accomplish as you progress through your college career. You must complete an entry assessment in an educator preparation program (according to Missouri State Statute 168.400). This can be a 20 on the National ACT exam (or super score) or passing MoGEA scores. If taking MoGEA please register at: www.mo.nesinc.com
and if taking exam at Crowder please register at: Crowder Testing.
ACT Testing is at: actstudent.org

Please note the study questions and strategies on the website, this can help you get the scores you need the first time!

Best wishes as you continue your road to Teaching!

Mrs. Gilligan

Passing MoGEA scores:

Sub-TestPassing Score
Reading Comprehension186
Science and Social Studies183

OR ACT of 20 or higher (National Exam and a super score is allowed if the exam has been taken multiple times. Super score is taking the highest sub test scores and averaging).

MoGEA must be taken one month prior to graduation date.

Upcoming Changes to the MoGEA

  • The new MoGEA will not be administered until December, 2022.
  • The current version of the MoGEA will remain available until December 31, 2022.
  • In regards to the current MoGEA, as of August 4, 2022, the Science and Social Studies Subtest (test code 069) is no longer required by DESE. However, it is still cheaper to take all four subtests, instead of taking them individually.
  • For students who have previously taken the MoGEA, if they passed the Reading, Writing, and Mathematics subtests, but not passed the Science/Social Studies, we will count them as having passed everything.
    • For example, if a student took the MoGEA in April of 2022, and passed everything but the Science/Social Studies, we will count them as having passed.


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