Welcome to the Education Division at Crowder College which includes Psychology, Autism, and Applied Behavior Analysis, Social Work and Teacher Education. We offer 5 degrees and 1 certificate. Our coursework is offered as on-ground, online and flex (which is a combination of both on-ground and online). We work with area school districts, behavior centers, counseling centers, preschools, and businesses who hire our graduates and assist in providing internships, observation settings, job-shadowing, and tours. Our faculty come from many different backgrounds and hold a variety of degrees but all realize the importance of providing insight into our professional fields to our students.

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Behavior Technician certificate

Associate of Arts Preschool Teacher/Paraprofessional
Associate of Arts Psychology
Associate of Arts Psychology-Autism Option
Associate of Arts Social Work
Associate of Arts Teaching

Division Chair

Mrs. Heidi Gilligan (heidigilligan@crowder.edu)
McDonald Hall, Room M159