AA Biology Program of Study

Suggested Course of Study Biology AA

The Biology Associate Degree is a two year degree designed to transfer to a four year University.

Biologists are teachers in high school, college, and universities. They also work as conservationists, nutritionists, laboratory technicians, foresters, rangers, sanitarians, marine biologist and geneticist. Their working environment has as much variation as any career filed: classrooms, laboratories, forests, national or state parks, state or municipal offices, agricultural research stations, oceanographic vessels, museums, zoos, green houses, medical laboratories, hospitals, deserts, tropical rain forests, or even the cold of the arctic regions. Biologically related jobs are predicted to increase much faster than most of the job market in the future. With recent advances in genetic research, many new doors are opening for biologist in such areas as medicine synthesizing scarce biological molecules, and finding new food and energy sources.