Pharmacy Technology

Pharmacy Technology

Would you like to work in an environment with good working conditions, flexible hours, that offers good wages with benefits?

Crowder College is offering a Certified Pharmacy Technician program. The 16 hour certificate program prepares students for employment as a Pharmacy Technician with medical and office skills helpful for placement in a pharmacy or other related occupations.

Today, a Pharmacist relies on the work of the technicians. A Certified Pharmacy Technician accurately receives prescriptions, prepares and dispenses medications and assists customers with simple questions. This is all done under the direction of a licensed Pharmacist. The technician is a vital part of the daily operations at any pharmacy.

Employment Opportunities – Many states are starting to require certification for Pharmacy Technician positions. The demand for Certified Pharmacy Technicians is expected to increase significantly over the next 5-10 years. Job opportunities are expected to grow at almost 29% a year. That is approximately 39,000 jobs per year.* Most Pharmacy Technician positions also provide employee benefits.

Career Opportunities – This short term course will not only help you find employment in a pharmacy or related medical field, but give you an advantage if you decide to apply for professional schools.
Earning Opportunities – The national average hourly rate for Pharmacy Technicians in 2008, was $13.70.* As more states require national certification the pay should only continue to rise. *Wages vary across the nation.

Flexible Hours – Pharmacy Technicians jobs are found in retail pharmacies, hospitals, medical clinics, drugstore chains, grocery stores, department stores or mass retailers.* With these multiple opportunities there are extended operating hours including nights and weekends. This allows students to work while attending school, working around family and other responsibilities.

Program Affordability – Crowder College continues to offer programs at a fraction of private business colleges. Our tuition rates allow a student to take the program knowing that there won’t be a huge debt when completed. Certificate seekers may qualify for financial aid.

Certificate Requirements

Pharmacy Technician Certificate Requirements

Pharmacy Technician Certificate Recommended Plan of Study

Courses are set up to be flexible with time spent in classroom and pharmacies. To complete the program the student must take the National EXCPT. Successfully completing the national exam is not a requirement to obtain the Crowder College certificate or for job placement at this time in Missouri. Please see our Pharmacy Tech Brochure.

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