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Over the past decade, southwestern Missouri’s Hispanic population has continued to grow. Students who major in Spanish will have the opportunity to learn to speak to others in their native tongue and to gain knowledge about their customs. Since Crowder’s mission is to develop the student beyond course content the Spanish courses focus on Communication and Culture Awareness.

Learning a second language encourages diversity, motivates or strengthens concern for world affairs, extends international business/marketing strategies, and enables global travel opportunities. Classes in Spanish may be used to fulfill Humanities requirements in other AA programs and would be beneficial in almost any career field in the 21st century. A Spanish major may be used in teaching, government, foreign service, translating, and many other careers. A Spanish minor may enrich opportunities for students in Business, in the Social Sciences, in Nursing, and in Agriculture, for example.

Degree Requirements:

Associate of Arts in Spanish

Suggested Plan of Study

Fast Facts

  • There are approximately 425 million native Spanish speakers around the world.
  • Spanish is the native or official language of and is spoken in more than 21 countries around the world.
  • Students who study foreign languages have better analytical and problem-solving skills, English writing skills and vocabulary, and are more creative thinkers.
  • Studying a foreign language complements every academic discipline.
  • Foreign language study allows for better understanding of oneself, one’s own culture, and the diversity of culture in America and the world today

Admission Requirements

  • There are no special requirements beyond those of the college.
  • A language placement exam or a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test is strongly recommended for all students with Previous Spanish language experience. The placement exam or the recommendation of an academic advisor will best determine the student’s level and ability, contributing to his or her success.

Student Tutoring

Free Spanish tutoring available in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and through Student Support Services (SSS).


Explore career options for Spanish majors at www.careeronestop.org.


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