Practical Nurse

Practical Nurse (LPN)

photo contains fourteen practical nursing students in yellow disposable gowns, masked and happy to be in their second semester.

Crowder College offers a 56 credit hour program on the path to become a licensed practical nurse. This is a selective admission program offered at the Nevada Instructional Center. The program prepares graduates who demonstrate entry-level competencies as a Practical Nurse to enter the high demand field of nursing and healthcare.

The Practical Nursing program is fully approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing (MSBN) and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).


Benefits of Crowder’s LPN Program

  • Two-semester certificate program beginning in August with graduation in May
  • No college-level pre-requisites required
  • Individualized instruction
  • Hands-on training
  • Bridge to RN programs – Available at Crowder Nevada, Neosho, Cassville, & McDonald County or others in the area
  • Fully approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing
Crowder LPN program pinning ceremony
Two students using lab equipment to practice IV techniques.

Income Potential

Our graduates are earning $15-25 per hour locally. Here is a look at salary range information from:

  • Indeed – $23.56 per hour
  • Salary.com – $43,225-53,222 annually (as of Dec. 2020)
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics – $43,210 annual mean salary | $16.61-$30.46 per hour (as of 2019)

Program Cost Estimate

Cost of attendance includes tuition, fees, course fees, and books. Estimates are based on tuition at the time of publication and are subject to change.

Financial Aid

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at https://studentaid.ed.gov Crowder School code is 002459. Click on the IRS data retrieval option. This will automatically download your 2018 tax information into the FAFSA. If you need assistance to complete your FAFSA, contact Crowder College financial aid services at 417-667-0518.


Submit official copy of high school transcript or equivalency to:
Crowder College
Attn: Records
601 Laclede Ave.
Neosho, MO  64850

Electronic submission may be made to Records@Crowder.edu If you are a current high school senior, have unofficial transcript sent and send official upon graduation.

Send an unofficial transcript to:
Crowder College
Attn: KA’Sandra Leer
600 W. Edwards
Nevada, MO 64772


Application deadline is April 15. The following steps must be completed and submitted by this date to be considered. Prior to this application a prospective student must complete a Crowder College application and be accepted. Visit any Crowder College campus to complete this application process if you are not able to complete it online.

Applications for the Practical Nursing program are currently closed.

Other Information

Register on the Family Care Safety Registry for Missouri. *You can check to see if you are already registered by going to https://health.mo.gov/safety/fcsr/ Click on the “Registration” tab, click “Register,” and click the tab “Is a Person Registered.” Enter the requested information and you will be alerted if your Social Security number (SSN) is found in the database. If your SSN was found you have completed the requirements for this step. *If your SSN is not in the database you must register. There is a one-time fee of $15.25 to register. Click the Continue button next, then “To Proceed with Registration.” For the Employer name select “No Employer.” In the “Select if No Employer” field select “Student.” For the “Registration Type” select “Voluntary.” Continue to follow the online prompts to complete the remaining information. You will be asked for your payment information at the end of the process. You should receive a “Transaction Successful” message at the very end of the process.

If you have any questions related to this process, please contact the Practical Nursing Program secretary at 417-667.0518, ext. 5238. Failure to register by the application deadline may make you ineligible for admission.