Fire Science                                             

The Fire Science Program at Crowder College-Cassville prepares the student to enter an exciting career as a firefighter. All courses are taught by experienced firefighters and offer the opportunity for current firefighters to upgrade job skills or prepare themselves as supervisors and leaders in their own departments. It also prepares students who wish to begin a career in firefighting. Crowder seeks authorization for all fire service related classes from the Missouri Division of Fire Safety.

The Fire Science Program is a 16 credit hour certificate. Students may also enroll in the single Firefighter Course (FSCI 111).

Certificate Courses – 16 credit hours

FSCI 111: Firefighter I & II (6 credit hours)
EMT 101: Emergency Medical Technician (9 credit hours)
COLL 101: College Orientation (1 credit hour)

Please check our course catalog for curriculum and more information.

FSCI 111:  Firefighter I & II

Currently the FSCI 111 Course is offered during the fall semester at the Cassville Instructional Center.  Enrollment opens in late spring.  The course tends to fill up fast with a maximum enrollment of 20 (CE and CR combined).  Enrollment is based on first come basis.  After that number is reached, interested individuals will be put on a waiting list. Class begins in mid-August and runs through mid-December. Classes are Mondays and Thursdays with Saturday skills days throughout the semester. Hours are scheduled from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. each class night.

Enrollment in FSCI 111

  • Fire Department enrollment – A Fire Department can enroll and send fire fighters at a discounted rate if they are willing to partner and help with course supplies, equipment, and other needs of the course.
  • Independent Student enrollment – For students wishing to take the course who are not active with a fire department, you may enroll in the college course, FSCI 111.  All course fees and college fees will apply.  You will also need a book and supplemental materials.  

Students pursuing the 16-credit hour Certificate in Fire Science from Crowder should take the course for college credit. If you are receiving federal financial aid to pay for the course, you must enroll in it for college credit.

Employment and Salary Information

The requirements to apply for entry-level fire fighting positions vary through out the region, state and country. In Southwest Missouri the minimum requirements identified by most fire departments include passing a writing and physical test, obtaining Emergency Medical Technician training and Firefighter 1 and 2.

The fire fighting profession is ranked as one of the fastest growing jobs in Missouri with a 34% increase in new job growth. It is also rated as a “Grade A Career” for best job outlook due to the above average salaries, growth and openings. For wages in various areas please visit Missouri Economic Resource and Information Center.

Additional Fire Courses

Crowder College in conjunction with state and local agencies hosts additional fire training to local departments.  For a list of courses and certifications available, please see our Facebook page or contact Shane Anderson, 417.489.4554, f_14@hotmail.com