Today’s diesel technicians are constantly being challenged to keep diesel-powered equipment running efficiently to meet the needs of businesses. Technicians service the equipment that moves freight, earth and people, drills for oil, powers farm tractors and generates electrical power.

Crowder trains diesel technicians to diagnose and repair engine problems, service/repair hydraulic systems, electrical/electronic systems, brake systems, and powertrains in over-the-road, agricultural, and construction settings.

Diesel Technology is a two year program designed for students who seek a career in the diesel engine repair industry. Students have the opportunity to study the basics of operation in the classroom and then apply that knowledge in the job while working on training components as well as actual trucks.

AAS Diesel Technology

Diesel Technology AAS Plan of Study Odd Years

Diesel Technology AAS Plan of Study Even Years

Certificate of Study Diesel Technology

Diesel Certificate Plan of Study

Courses Offered In This Two Year Degree:

AGDI 111, Shop and Shop Safety
Promotes safety attitudes in the work place. This course includes first aid, fire safety , use of lifts and power tools, as well as proper handling of hazardous materials.

AGDI, Harvesting and Tillage
Provides an overall look at modern agricultural machinery relating to tillage, planting & harvesting, machine operation, adjustment and repair.

DIES 124, Preventive Maintenance
Covers procedures for a major inspection including the selection of filters, evaluation of lubricants, oil sampling, selection of fuels, inspection of tread wear patterns and adjustment of the various components.

DIES 134, Diesel Hydraulics
Covers basic principles, design, and construction of hydraulic pumps and motors. Troubleshooting and testing procedures complete the course.

DIES 144, Diesel Engines
Presents diesel engines and the processes needed to properly overhaul an engine.

DIES 164, Diesel Break Systems
Acquaints student with various brake and suspension systems found on today’s heavy-duty trucks and equipment. Hydraulic and air brake systems are discussed along with components of each systems.

DIES 184, Electrical/Electronics I
Provides theory, operation and testing of various electrical systems found on industrial and trucking equipment. Course includes basic electricity, batteries, circuit types, starting motors, generators, alternators and regulators, lighting and auxiliary circuits.

DIES 204, Diesel Powertrains
Presents basic powertrains as they are used in industrial applications. Components such as clutches, mechanical transmissions, hydraulic assist transmissions, differential, final drives and other drives are studied.

DIES 224, Diesel Steering and Suspension
Covers basic theories and applications of steering and suspension systems used on today’s heavy duty trucks.

DIES 234, Air Conditioning
Covers theory and operation of air conditioning systems as they are used with industrial equipment and examines basic system components, controls and air movement devices.

DIES 244, Diesel Internship
Provides on-the-job training allowing student to practice and utilize skills and knowledge learned throughout program

DIES 284, Diesel Electrical/Electronics
Presents theory, operation and testing of carious electrical systems found on industrial and trucking equipment.

DIES 294, Diesel Engines

Provides follow-up course to Diesel Engines I with the study of operational engines with carious problems installed by the instructor.