The Sentry & The Quill

Magazine Staff

The Crowder Quill is an art and literary magazine and contest for the high school, college and the community. Although the Quill is a hands-on learning experience, it is not a writing course. As a staff member, your main responsibility would be to produce the magazine, an 80+ page publication. The staff judges entries of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, or art to decide which entries will be published in the magazine. Then, students design the magazine using computer desktop publishing technology. Students also organize and host an awards ceremony. To be a part of the Quill staff, students should enroll in Comm 111 Magazine Production for three credit hours.

Newspaper Staff
The Crowder Sentry was recently recognized as the “Best in State” for community colleges   since its 2007 editions and has also received national recognition. It offers hands-on experience in the basics of journalism including interviewing and reporting as well as the latest trends and software   for desktop publishing, online newspapers, and digital photography. Advanced journalism techniques include writing editorials, cartooning, and investigative reporting. To be a part of the Sentry staff, students should enroll in Comm 150 Intro. to Journalism. Scholarships are available to first-time staff members with a recommendation by a high school counselor or instructor or by a college English instructor.