Upward Bound Programs

Upward Bound StiltsThe Crowder College Upward Bound Programs provide 300 high school participants in Newton, McDonald, Barry, Jasper, Lawrence, Dade, Barton, Bates, Vernon and Cedar counties in southwest Missouri with an opportunity to complete a course of college preparatory study, which equips them for success in postsecondary education. The highlight of the project is the College Prep Academy in which the participants spend five weeks in residence on the Crowder College campus. Participants engage in college prep curriculum part of the day and work with faculty on topical research projects (e.g. alternative energy, stream ecology, archaeology, etc. for Math/Science participants and journalism, art history, health. for regular Upward Bound participants) for the remainder of the day. Participants who have completed their secondary education and are preparing to attend college in the fall take part in the Bridge Component. The Bridge gives graduates the opportunity to enroll in Crowder College courses and make final preparations for college. The final week of the College Prep Academy consists of a cultural trip to a metropolitan area (Chicago, Dallas, Washington D.C., etc.). Participants are awarded for academic progress during the summer and can earn up to $60 per month.

During the Academic Year, participants attend Closer to College (C2C) once per month. Participants work on study skills, technical writing, data analysis, attend student success workshops, and receive ACT preparation assistance. Participants also receive tutoring after school and are awarded up to $40 per month for academic progress during the Academic Year.