Placement Testing

Crowder College is committed to providing a positive educational environment for all students. Placement testing is a self-directed, computerized assessment which evaluates a student’s writing and math abilities to ensure proper placement in courses. Based upon individual test results, the student is enrolled into college courses or college prep courses that are designed to prepare for success in college level coursework.

TESTING LOCATIONS: Testing services are available at all Crowder campuses. See information below for a listing of locations, phone numbers and email addresses.

NEOSHO Testing Center 417.455.5433
Location: 3rd floor, McDonald Hall, room 318
* Placement testing is only on a walk-in basis during regular
SSC business hours and based on computer availability.
CASSVILLE Instruction Center 417.847.1706
* Walk-ins available; call first for large group
WEBB CITY 417.673.2345
* Call for availability
NEVADA Instruction Center 417.667.0518
* Call for availability
MCDONALD COUNTY 417.226.6000
* Call for availability
MONETT 417.236.2895
* Call for availability

Crowder College accepts placement scores from ACT, SAT, HiSET/GED, Accuplacer, and COMPASS. Scores from any of the aforementioned placement exams taken at another institution may be transferred to Crowder College, provided the exam was taken within five years.  The scores can then be converted to Crowder placement levels. See the bottom of this page for conversion chart. Please contact the original institution’s testing department to have the scores faxed to the Crowder College Records Office at 417.455.0505.

FIRST-TIME STUDENTS: A placement test is required for all first-time students who are seeking a degree, enrolling for seven or more credit hours, or enrolling for a course that has a placement requirement.

TRANSFER STUDENTS: A placement test or adequate placement testing scores is required for transfer students who have not completed their freshman requirements in English and/or Math.

NON-DEGREE SEEKING: Students that plan to enroll in some courses as non-degree seeking may not have to take the whole placement exam. However, if they change to degree seeking at a later date, they may have to take all or portions of the placement test.

As of November 2016, Crowder College has instituted Wonderlic as our new placement test. There are four parts to our Wonderlic test.

WBST Verbal
50 questions
20 minutes
75 questions
45 minutes
Essay Assessment
One Essay
CC Math Assessment
35 questions

CALCULATORS: Calculators are permitted only on the CC math portion of the Wonderlic. Crowder College follows the calculator standards of ACT concerning the CC math portion of the Wonderlic. Please see the ACT calculator policy at, and click the “Can I use a calculator?” section.

TESTING FEES: All new students are required to pay a Crowder College application fee, which covers the cost of the first attempt of the placement test. This application fee is waived for dual credit / dual enrollment students.

Students who wish to improve their scores by retaking all or part of the placement test for Crowder College course placement are required to pay a $5.00 retake fee per section. Payment of application or retest fees will be required prior to testing. The proctor fee will be increased from $5 to $10 per section starting from July 1, 2017.

RETESTING: Students, including dual credit / dual enrollment students, have the option of one retake per section per calendar year according to their latest Crowder College placement (COMPASS or Wonderlic) testing date. If a student has taken Crowder College’s COMPASS test at any Crowder campus or at one of our dual credit high schools and now desires to take the Wonderlic, it will be considered a retest. Allowing more than one retake per year compromises the integrity of the exam and that, statistically, placement rarely changes from the original score during the same calendar year. Crowder College honors the highest scores achieved on the placement test. Students cannot retake a section on the same day the test was administered. The probability of the student scoring at or within a couple of points of the original score is not very high without proper studying for a second administration of the test.

DISABILITY SERVICES: Students with disabilities that wish to have accommodations for testing need to identify with the Crowder College’s Office of Disability Services (ODS) prior to taking the Wonderlic. For example, an individual with a reading disability may require a reader for the exam and would need to be scheduled in advance. Other conditions, such as physical or visual disabilities, need to be reported ahead of time so proper accommodations can be prepared. Please visit the Disability Services section at or call Christy Manning at 417-455-5733 for more information.

SAMPLE QUESTIONS: Students can visit the links below to view sample questions for two of the Wonderlic tests. There are no sample questions for the essay and CC Math portions.

WBST Verbal:
GAIN Math:

TEST SCORES: Score reports are available immediately after testing and are valid for five years from the test date.

If students have the following scores, they are eligible for
English Composition I (ENGL 101) and/or Algebra for Calculus (MATH 135)

ACT 18-36 18-36 22-25
SAT 430-800 (writing) 360-800 510-640
Accuplacer 92-120 (sentence skills) 85-120 116-120 (elementary algebra)
COMPASS 70-99 (writing) 81-99 54-99 (algebra)
1-99 (college algebra)
0-50 (trigonometry)
HiSET (1/1/2014 or later) 15-20 (writing) 15-20 X
GED (1/1/2014 or later) 170-200 170-200 X

* In order to be placed in ENGL 101, a student must have the above English and Reading scores.

If students have the following scores, they are eligible for
Mechanics of Composition (ENGL 100) and/or Intermediate Algebra (MATH 100)

ACT 16-17 18-36 19-21
SAT 380-420 (writing) 360-800 430-500
Accuplacer 50-91 (sentence skills) 85-120 76-115 (elementary algebra)
COMPASS 40-69 (writing) 81-99 33-53 (algebra)
HiSET (1/1/2014 or later) X X 15-20
GED (1/1/2014 or later) X X 170-200

* In order to be placed in ENGL 100, a student must have the above English and Reading scores.

QUESTIONS: For further information or questions concerning the Crowder College placement exam:

  • Visit the SSC Testing Center at the Neosho campus, located on the third floor of McDonald Hall, room 318
  • Call 417.455.5433
  • Email at

ATTENTION: All testing materials are the property of Wonderlic; therefore, students are not allowed to copy or take any portion of the placement test outside the testing facility. Any scratch paper(s) used during the exam will be collected by test proctors for shredding.