Five Simple Steps to Apply for Financial Aid

1) Complete a FREE Application Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online using Crowder College’s School Code 002459:

www.fafsa.ed.gov* Double check your Social Security Number before submitting!

2) When you have the results from the completion of the FAFSA (Institutional Student Information Record or Student Aid Report) notify the financial aid office at Crowder College. Students selected for verification must also provide additional requested documentation.

CAUTION: If your social security number is wrong, DO NOT correct it. File a NEW application using your correct social security number.

3) Complete the required Crowder College financial aid form(s). Students requesting a loan must complete a Loan Request. Additionally, students selected for verification must complete the verification form(s) which are available here.

4) Visit the Crowder College website for important information concerning eligibility, deadlines, and academic progress standards.

5) Once your Financial Aid File is complete and processed, you will receive notification stating your financial aid award amount(s). 

Any student applying for financial aid (or the parent of a student) who purposely submits misrepresented information and/or altered documentation for the purpose of increasing his/her student aid eligibility or fraudulently obtaining Federal funds will have the suspensions and evidence reported to the Office of Inspector General, Washington, D.C., or to local law enforcement officials.