Student Ambassador Scholarship

Scholarship $800 per semester (fall & spring)

Student Ambassador Scholarship Application — Freshmen and Sophomores may apply!

The success of our students is Crowder’s best recruitment message. Student Ambassadors provide campus tours, act as hosts and hostesses at college events, and assist with new student recruitment. Student Ambassadors are selected through an interview process and receive a scholarship. These positions are open to any student with at least a 2.5 GPA.

Coconut Baseball!General Duties:

• Maintain a 2.5 GPA as a full time student.
• Work 10 scheduled hours per week in the student services office of assignment.
• Serve as host/hostess at campus events.
• Assist with recruitment of new students.
• Participate in community and charity events.
• Act as a model of the ideal Crowder student.
• Dress appropriately.
• Use appropriate language.
• Report to work on time.
• Work consistently (Stay Busy).
• Treat other Crowder employees with respect.

Specific Admissions Office Duties:

• If you must miss work, you are required to fill out an absence form.
• Staff office as needed during the week.
• Answer phone.
• Give campus tours.
• Various clerical work ( i.e. filing, typing )
• Be available to answer general questions about Crowder College for other students and visitors
• Update and maintain bulletin boards
• Keep work areas clean.
• Other duties as assigned.

E-mail admissions@crowder.edu for more information.