Weather Cancellation Policy

The list of media contacts provided below are for your reference in knowing which radio/television station to monitor for information concerning classes that are cancelled due to bad weather. When the decision is made by Dr. Jennifer Methvin, College President, as to the severity of the weather and the difficulty of travel on surroundings streets/highways due to the weather, media sites will be contacted by phone – usually before 6:00 a.m.

Instant communication may be obtained through MySchoolWay is an easy-to-use event reminder and emergency alert system that allows you to receive official communication from Crowder College. MySchoolWay will be used for emergency communication only. To sign up, all you need is an e-mail account and Internet access. Go to: to sign up today. This service is provided free of charge by Crowder College, however a fee may be implied by your cell phone service provider for the text message. This is dependent on your phone plan.

The following message will most often be given to the media representatives:

Crowder College is closed (date) due to the weather.

If the college is CLOSED – then no administrators, faculty, professional or classified staff members are expected to report for work on the day(s) indicated in the message.

The college web site homepage and the “Information Line” – 417-455-5732 are the first two areas that will be updated in the event of a weather related cancellation or closing. We will also notify area media, but the college sources are first priority.

Finals Policy

Procedures for Implementing Finals due to School Cancellation

If a Crowder College Campus location is closed during finals week, the following procedures will be implemented regarding finals.

  1. Due to state and national accreditation standards, students in the Crowder Nursing program and the Crowder Veterinary Technology program must participate in Final exams. Students in these programs do not have the option to take the grade they have earned going into the final exam. Students in these two programs should reference his or her program handbook for specific information regarding the procedures for implementing finals due to school cancellation in the Crowder Nursing Program and the Crowder Veterinary Technology.
  2. Distance learning or online finals are held as planned. No adjustments in the plans, schedule, or process for online classes. If the online final is a proctored on-ground final, the rules in #3, #4, and #5 apply.
  3. Students who miss an on-ground final exam due to school being cancelled on the day of the final at their attendance location may take the grade they have earned going into the final exam.
  4. Students who miss an on-ground final as defined in #3 may ask the instructor to take the missed final exam. The student must contact his or her instructor via e-mail DURING FINALS WEEK ONLY (Monday thru Thursday). The instructor will set the time and date to take the exam, which needs to occur prior to the end of business day on Friday of finals week. If a student does not make arrangements during finals week, he or she will be given the grade he or she had going into the final exam. A student may not ask after finals week for a date to take a missed final. If a student makes arrangements to take the missed final exam, the grade earned including the final exam is the final grade for the class. The student may not return to the grade going into the final exam.
  5. If the Crowder College Campus location where the class meets is closed all week, then the current grade will count as the final grade.