Grades & Grading

Grades are awarded on the following point system:


*Students may receive an “Incomplete” only with instructor approval.

At the end of one semester, coursework not completed automatically changes to an “F” grade. Students receiving an incomplete must finish the incomplete work in the time agreed upon with the instructor.

**Historical grade denoting a repeat.

Grade Point Average (g.p.a.)

A student’s grade point average is computed at the end of each semester. The average is used in determining class rank, graduation, honors, academic alert, warning, probation and suspension. Repeated courses cancel the former grade and the most recent grade is used to compute the g.p.a. A course may be repeated one time for the purpose of improving a grade. The semester grade point average is calculated by:

1. Multiplying the credit hours of a course by the points earned for the course grade.

2. Adding the points earned for each course.

3. Dividing the total points by the number of credit hours attempted.

Grade Point Averaging

Cumulative grade point average is the total points earned in your college career divided by the total number of credit hours. Classes with course numbers below the 100 level are figured in the semester and cumulative g.p.a., but are not counted toward graduation. Records of student progress are kept on file in the Records Office. The Records Office will send official transcripts to other schools or employers with written permission of the student. The first copy sent is free; each additional copy costs two dollars, (five dollars if faxed).

In compliance with Public Law 93- 380, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Crowder College affords all students the right to inspect official records directly relating to them and the right to challenge any statement considered to be inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate.

The college requires written student consent before releasing college records. Complete information regarding student records is available by contacting the Record’s Office.

See Student Handbook “Rights to Privacy and Educational Records” pp.7-8.

Grade Reports

Final grade reports are issued at the end of each semester. No final grade report will be issued, or credit granted, if the student has a financial obligation to the college or if the student file is incomplete. Satisfactory Progress Satisfactory progress toward graduation is required for a student to remain in school.

Grade Reports

Retention Alert

Students with a semester g.p.a. below a 2.0 but higher than the minimum academic progress standards will be placed in retention alert.

Academic Warning

Students with a cumulative g.p.a. below a 2.0 but higher than the minimum academic progress standards will be placed on academic warning.

Academic Probation

Students with cumulative g.p.a.s below the minimum standards will be placed on academic probation. After being placed on academic probation, the student must maintain a 2.0 g.p.a. each semester to avoid being placed on academic suspension. Students on academic probation must enroll in College Connections (LOC 103) in the subsequent term. Students who are placed on academic probation and maintain a 2.0 g.p.a., will be placed on probation-continued until their cumulative g.p.a. is a 2.0 or above.

Academic Suspension

Students with a cumulative g.p.a. below 2.0 after a semester of probation will be placed on 16 General Information academic suspension. The student will be required to halt their academic pursuit for one semester and then must petition the suspension committee to be considered for re-admittance.

Readmission, Suspension and Student Appeal process  – Refer to Student Handbook.

Academic Forgiveness – Extenuating circumstances may justify a student being able to recover from an academic deficiency in ways which do not penalize his/her academic standing.

The student’s academic transcript, however, will be a full and accurate record of the student’s academic career. For students receiving academic forgiveness, the transcript will record the graduation GPA excluding forgiveness courses or semester. Please refer to the Student Handbook for restrictions.


Students are expected to attend all class sessions and report to each session on time. If an absence occurs, students are responsible for all work missed. Excessive absences may result in a lowered or failing grade in the class.

Dean’s List/Honors

Full-time students (12 or more credit hours) with a 3.50 or better semester grade point average are placed on the Dean’s List. Students with high academic records are eligible for membership in the Crowder Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, national scholastic honor society. Associate degrees and certificates are awarded “With Honors” to students earning the following cumulative g.p.a.s:

4.0 – Summa Cum Laude

3.85-3.99 – Magna Cum Laude

3.5-3.84 – Cum Laude