Tuition Rates

Fall 2015 Tuition

$82.00 per credit hour
$122.00 per credit hour
$164.00 per credit hour
Facility Use Fee
$16.00 per credit hour

Differential Tuition:
Students taking classes in Nursing (ADN), Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) and Veterinary Technology (VETC) programs pay a differential rate ON CLASSES ONLY IN THE SPECIFIED PROGRAM. Fees specific to these programs may be found on their webpages.

$98.00 per credit hour
$146.00 per credit hour
$197.00 per credit hour

Other Charges & Fees*

Online Course Fee
$20.00 per credit hour
Flex Course Fee
$10.00 per credit hour
2016-17 Fees by Course Listing

*These fees are in addition to tuition & facility use fees.

Residency Status Policy

To establish residency status: Residency status is established at the time a student matriculates or enrolls at Crowder College. To establish residency status proper verification must be provided or available upon application to verify eligibility for lower tuition rates of district and in-state students (see the residency requirements below or contact Admissions at 417-455-5550). The residence of a minor student will be the residence of the parents/legal guardian(s) unless the student has established court declared emancipation.

To maintain residency status: The student establishes residency status at the time of the application and that status remains in effect while the student is continuously enrolled at Crowder College (summer terms excluded). Students not continuously enrolled may be required to provide further verification of their current residency status upon re-enrollment.

Changing residency status: A request for a change of residency status must be submitted, in writing, to the Admissions Office with appropriate evidence or documentation of residency change. Administrative action to change the residency status of a student is at the discretion of the Vice President of Student Affairs. In accordance with the Due Process policy, students may appeal decisions by submitting a grievance to the Vice President of Student Affairs for review (see Student Handbook for further information on non-academic appeals/grievance procedures). Four categories of residency in which the student is classified for the purpose of assessing fees and tuition include the following:

District residents

A student whose permanent home is within the main Crowder College district (Neosho, Diamond, Seneca, East Newton and McDonald County school districts) Students (spouses, parents or guardians) owning property in the district are considered in-district residents. Full-time active duty military personnel stationed on a Missouri military base, their spouses and dependents are considered residents of the district. The residency status of recently discharged veterans will be based on legal residency at the time of induction into military service or on residency established during services.

General Information

Out-of-District Resident

A student (or parents/legal guardians, if he/she is a minor) whose permanent home is located outside of the college district’s boundaries.

International Resident

A student (or parents/legal guardians, if he/she is a minor) whose legal residence is in a foreign country at the time of registration.

This information is available in the College Catalog