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Cassville Instructional Center

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Contact Information

Crowder College Cassville Instruction Center
4020 N. Main Street
Cassville, MO 65625

Phone: 417.847.1706 | FAX: 417.847.1367 | Email: Cassville@Crowder.edu

For admissions questions, please email Krystal Morgan, Student Services Coordinator.
For employment opportunities and other inquiries, please email Sarah Smith, Director.

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Getting Your Degree Close to Home is Easier Than Ever Before! The Cassville Instruction Center is the place for you to take classes closer to home or work. Flexible class schedules include early morning, day, afternoon, evening and weekend classes for your convenience.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

The Cassville Instruction Center offers full Associate degrees and Certificates in:

As well as numerous other courses. See the current catalog for program and degree information.

Student Comments on the Cassville Instruction Center

“I like the small class sizes.”

“I like all the friendly and helpful staff at the Cassville Instruction Center.”

“I really love the fact that it is close to home.”

“We like having access to the computer lab.”

“I really enjoy being in classes with people of all ages.”

A+ Benefits in Use at the Crowder College

Many area high school graduates who are A+ students are attending the Crowder College Cassville Instruction Center full-time. Their tuition and fees, common to all students, are paid at Crowder due to their participation in the A+ Program at their high schools.

Student Support Services

The Crowder College SSS program serves 140 students on Crowder’s Cassville campus and is committed to providing a supportive environment where participants can have their academic, career, and personal needs met.

For more information about TRIO SSS Cassville, click here.

Adult Education & Family Literacy

AEL classes include COLLEGE PREP, as well as HiSET or HSE (formerly known as the GED PREP. HSE/GED exam schedule

Cassville BookstoreWhat to do to Get Started

  1. Fill out and submit an Application for Admission.
  2. Provide an official copy of your High school transcript or GED/HSE and any previous college credits.
  3. Schedule a time for Assessment Testing.
  4. Schedule an appointment to enroll with our advisor.
  5. Schedule an appointment to apply for financial aid with our counselor.
  6. Pick up your books and other supplies in our bookstore (books and supplies can be charged to your student account).
  7. Attend our open house for tours.
  8. Start Classes!