Crowder College offers many resources for international and domestic students to take advantage of.  These resources, along with your International Program Coordinator, will assist you through the successful completion of your educational journey.

Clubs and Organizations
International Club
Honors Program
Lee Library
Tuition & Residency
Student Success Center
Student Life
Food Pantry


National Association of Foreign Student Advisers – NAFSA.ORG
Social Security Number
Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles
Practice Driving Test – Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles

Health Insurance

Medical care in the United States is extremely expensive. In an effort to assist students, iNext International Insurance has been selected as the insurer for Crowder international students. This company is very reasonable, and you may pay your fees through us. Insurance coverage is mandatory. Upon your arrival, you will receive the necessary insurance forms, which include a medical evacuation and repatriation benefit.