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Program Overview 

Crowder College knows how important your future is! That is why we offer one of the best Drafting and Design programs in southwest Missouri!

Computer Aided Drafting and Design provides a working knowledge of drafting fundamentals for students planning a career in mechanical, structural, electrical, or architectural drafting. This program also provides a sound background for various related construction and manufacturing occupations.

As technology continues to advance, employers will look for drafters having a strong background in fundamental drafting principles with a higher level of technical sophistication and an ability to apply this knowledge to a broader range of responsibilities. Crowder College can help you gain that knowledge as well as provide hands-on experience employers are looking for!

Explore our Program Options

17 credit hours


COLL 105 – Technical Career Development I

COLL 106 –  Technical Career Development II

DRFT 101 – Intro to Engineering Drawing & Print Reading

DRFT 115 – Basic Computer Aided Drafting 

DRFT 141 – Assembly Drawings 

DRFT 153 – Construction Graphics

DRFT 215 – Advanced Computer Aided Drafting 

Crowder College recognizes the skills that students acquire in PLTW courses. Through Project Lead the Way, students develop technical knowledge as well as problem-solving, process-thinking, communication and professional skills.

Crowder is pleased to offer the following opportunities to PLTW students:

  • Credit for PLTW coursework

Crowder College awards credit for courses taught by PLTW certified high school teachers for the following PLTW courses:

PLTW Course Title(s)

CC Course

CC Course Title

Credit Hours

Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering

DRFT 101

Introduction to Engineering Drawing and Print Reading


Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering

DRFT 215

Advanced Computer Aided Drafting


Requirements to Earn College Credit:

  • High School Teacher must be PLTW certified

  • Student must pass the course with a B or better (80 percent or above)

  • Course grades must be on an official high school transcript

  • Students must complete the Crowder College Request for Prior Learning Credit Form, provide official high school transcripts and payment of $50.00 per course.

  • Crowder College courses will be transcripted at the completion of the student’s first semester at Crowder.

Competitive Advantages

Short-Term Certificates
and Degree options

Complete our stackable certificate programs in as little as 4 or 9 months or broaden your technical and professional skills by earning an associate degree.

Low Tuition

A quality program, with knowledgeable instructors and an excellent faculty-to-student ration, all at an affordable cost.

Small Class

Crowder's smaller class sizes provide the opportunity for students to receive better instruction!

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