A+ Program

A+ Program
The A+ program main goal is to assure that all students, when they graduate, are well-prepared to pursue advanced education, employment or both.

What Does A+ Cover?
Fees common to all students

As of Fall 2011:
Students must enroll as a full-time student (12 or more credit hours in the fall or spring) and successfully complete all coursework paid by A+.

  • A+ will not pay for repeated coursework
  • A+ will not pay for dropped or incomplete coursework.

This means that the number of credit hours dropped in a term will be deducted from a student’s eligibility for the next term of enrollment.  Students will be responsible for any costs not funded by the A+ program.

Example: A student enrolls in 12 hours, drops 3, and completes a total of 9.  A+ will pay for 12 hours but will deduct 3 hours from eligibility for the next term of enrollment.  In the next term of enrollment, the student enrolls in 12 hours to meet the full time requirement.  A+ will pay for 9 hours and the student is responsible for the cost of 3 hours.

  • A+ will no longer cover the $35 cost of the graduation fee.
  • A+ will pay for a student to be less than full time only if:
    • The student has a documented disability and has an ADA letter on file with the A+ Office from the Office of Disability Services Coordinator
    • The student plans to graduate at the end of the semester, has applied for graduation with the Record’s office, and has notified the A+ Coordinator.

The following is a link to the Missouri Department of Higher Education’s A+ website stating the new changes: http://www.dhe.mo.gov/ppc/grants/aplusscholarship.php

For more questions concerning these changes, feel free to contact Sarah Horine, A+ Coordinator at 417.455.5572 or sarahhorine@crowder.edu

Missouri A+ Accredited High Schools

For Additional Information Contact:
Sarah Horine,
A+ Coordinator/One Stop Student Services Advisor

The A+ Schools Financial Assisstance program is dependent upon continued funding from the State of Missouri and is not the responsibility of Crowder College.