Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Laurie Delano – President
Jane Lant, Vice President, McDonald County
Gina Rodriguez, Vice President, Newton County
Larry Swift – Treasurer


Jim Armstrong, McDonald County
Gayla Baker, McDonald County
David Cole, Barry County
Judy Day, Newton County
Renee Denton, Newton County
Steve Douglas, Newton County
Kent Farnsworth, Newton County
Sammy Helm, McDonald County
Jon Horner, Barry County
John Hunter, McDonald County
Barb Ittner, McDonald County
Amber Jenkins, Vernon County
Steve Kelly, Newton County
Karen Latimer, Jasper County
Norma Lindquist, McDonald County
Bill Martin, McDonald County
Julie Maus, Director at Large
Kayla Ragsdale, Barry County
Priscilla Jeffers Reed, Newton County
Gina Rodriguez, Newton County
Janet Taylor, Jasper County
Lynn Tatum, McDonald County
Sy Werner, Newton County
Jon Wessel, Director at Large
Marion Weston, Newton County


Dr. Katricia Pierson
President, Crowder College

Jim Cullumber
Director of Institutional Advancement

Lori Barnes
Assistant Director of Resource Development & Alumni Relations

Joanna Decker
Assistant Director of Finance, Scholarship & Community Relations