Title III

Crowder College Department of Education Title III 2017 – a five year grant starting October 2017 and will end September 2022.

Connect is a project adapted from the Guided Pathways model demonstrated nationwide to boost progress and completion. The model seeks to reduce enrollment in inappropriate courses, delays when courses are full or not offered, withdrawals and no-credit repeats, and changed majors. It promotes effective advising, full-time enrollment, block scheduling, feedback about progress, and, for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, links to the work place.

Connect will use these strategies to improve the effectiveness of 22 general education courses that also comprise an AA degree, compressing them for cohort, Learning Community-like delivery, so that students who complete them earn their AA degrees in four semesters. Second, Connect will improve four high-opportunity CTE programs (EMT/ Paramedic, Diesel Tech, Construction, Computer Networking Support), some in compressed, accelerated formats, so that students who complete them will earn Associate degrees or CTE Certificates in four semesters or less. Finally, the project will build infrastructure for wireless access and classroom technology to support increased communication and learning. Outcomes (increased course success, retention, completion) address Department of Education (ED) Strengthening Institutions Program and Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Performance Measures for retention and graduation. Click here for an activity overview.

UConnect is a cohort learning community with peer support. To find the programs offered please review the UConnect information page.

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Institutional Title III 

Academic  Programs           

  1. Provide for personal and academic growth through high impact educational experiences such as non-traditional modes of course delivery and academic program cohorts.
  2. Expand Career/Technical Education.

Institutional Management    

  1. Expand current “Our Success Is You” campaign emphasizing student success.
  2. Expand opportunities for student advancement such as transfer and employment.

Fiscal Stability          

  1. Focus on achieving Crowder and Performance Funding Measures (including fall-fall retention, completion/graduation).