Title III

Crowder College Department of Education Title III 2010. This 5-year grant was successfully completed in September 2015.

START – Strengthening Training in Alternative Energy and Related Technology

The Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology (MARET) Center is a comprehensive, cutting-edge, living energy producing facility encompassing programs in Biofuels, Solar and Wind Technologies. The Title III program is designed to transform these programs into viable, accessible options for students – many of whose economic disadvantage has prevented participation in both rewarding and globally critical careers.

Title III is supporting student preparation for high skilled, high technology careers through improvements in “core skills” with new computer labs and instructor training.  Core skills such as reading, writing, math, computing and physical and life science promote high-quality learning and preparation.

Institutional Title III Goals

  1. Provide technical education consistent with regional and state needs, with emphasis on economic self-reliance.
  2. Improve student, faculty, and staff awareness of environmental concerns and our need to promote ethical decisions and foster a just and humane society.
  3. Improve student skills in listening, speaking, writing, synthesis and analysis with awareness of our place in today’s world.
  4. Provide regular, college-wide professional development incentives and opportunities.
  5. Encourage and strengthen partnerships with business, industry and other community groups to support a stronger economic base and greater equality of living.
  6. Effectively manage and develop College revenues to maintain fiscal stability and growth.