Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing Maintenance Technicians make electrical and mechanical repairs to automated equipment in most industries. Today’s manufacturers want a well-rounded skill set that includes basic machining, hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity, computers and good communication skills.

There are numerous highly paid job openings both locally and nationally for well-trained Maintenance Technicians.

Crowder College’s Advanced Manufacturing Program of Study provides this training and at a great savings when compared to private training centers.

New Automation Program (News Article)

AAS Adv Mfg – Automation Robotics

AMT AAS Automation Robotics Plan of Study

AAS Adv Mfg – Mfg Maintenance

AMT AAS Mfg Maintenance Plan of Study

Auto Robotics Tech Certificate

AMT Automation Robotics Certificate Plan of Study

Industrial Electrical Tech Certificate

AMT Indust Elect Certificate Plan of Study

Industrial Maintenance Tech Certificate

AMT Indust Maint Certificate Plan of Study

Advanced Manufacturing Brochure [PDF]
Robotics Brochure [PDF]
5-Ball Juggling with Mechanical Servo [Video]