At Crowder College, we understand just how important your future is, not just for you, but for your family as well. Obtaining an education in the field you love is just the beginning to a promising future! Let Crowder College help you accomplish your goals by enrolling in our Welding Technology Program which participates in the American Welding Society SENSE Program.

Crowder is currently offering four different college-level certificates in welding, three of which focus on one of the major welding categories: GMAW (formerly MIG Welding), GTAW (formerly TIG Welding), and SMAW (formerly “Stick” Welding). The fourth certificate incorporates all three of these traditional areas.

Each program begins with the basics of welding, eventually leading to more advanced classes. Students will learn basic safety procedures, and different arc welding methods and techniques.

Courses are designed based upon the skills and experience employers are looking for. Also, with smaller classrooms, students have access to more resources. This provides a better learning experience for the student as well as giving the student the opportunity to aquire more hands-on experience.

Certificate of Study – Electric Arc Welding

Electric Arc Welding Certificate Plan of Study

Core Classes in Welding Technology

Weld 113, Introduction to Welding
Provides students with an introductory course in oxy-acetylene and electrical welding with basic instruction covering corner, lap, butt, fillet and tee welds in vertical, horizontal and overhead positions

Weld 145, Gas Metal Arc Welding
Provides students with the phases of Metal Inert Gas welding and with the operation and maintenance of M.I.G. machines.

Weld 150, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Topics covered include a continuation of the inert gas welding process with an emphasis on GTAW (T.I.G) welding.

Weld 155, Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Topics include emphasis on pipe welding in the 2G, 5G and 6G positions. Prepares student for AWS certification.