Health Sciences I & II 

Grades 11-12
Students will be introduced to the health field. The first year of study will place emphasis on in home health and EMR (covering biochemistry, cell structure and function, genetics, development and metabolism) and Medical Terminology. During the second year, students will study the state curriculum required to obtain their Certified Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy, and EKG certification. During this time, students will spend a minimum of 75 hours in the classroom and 100 hours in the clinical setting.


Health Science I

Health Science II
Certified Nursing Assistant

Dual Credit
The Dual Credit Program, offered through Crowder College, allows high school students, while still attending the high school program at Crowder College Technical Education Center, the opportunity to enroll in and receive both high school and college credit during normal class hours. Participation in the dual credit program enables high school students to get a “head start” on their college career as well as prepare them for the challenges of college courses. Please refer to the Dual Credit requirements for more information.


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