Guidelines for Our Service SeedTree of Service

What is Community Service?

Services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions.

Why participate in the Service Seed?

Welcome to Crowder College! As a student you are now part of a new community and culture. This culture consists of everyone who works, teaches, and studies at Crowder College. As a graduate of Crowder, surrounding communities and employers will know that you were a part of this special culture and that you encompass many of the same values. Our service seed requirement gives students, clubs and organizations the opportunity to be exposed to the community in which they live from a different perspective than they might otherwise see. As a Crowder student you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the community in a positive way, learn about its needs and realize the plethora of services that are available. In addition, a personal connection can be made leading to confidence, self-knowledge and the desire to work with the public in a generous manner. From the four hour or more service seed experience comes the realization that “The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are.” ~Johnnetta B. Cole

Community Service Benefits

  • Good karma
  • A new perspective and passion for your community as a whole as well as its individuals
  • Networking experience
  • Understanding people from all walks of life
  • An opportunity to learn new skills
  • Contribution to the greater good
  • Your legacy

The Requirement

The four hour Service Seed is integrated into the College Orientation 101 curriculum and the assignment must be completed in order to earn a final grade in the course. Each student will be required to complete and record four hours of service. At the conclusion of their experience time-sheets signed by the site supervisor as well as a student written reflection essay will be completed and turned into the COLL 101 instructor in order to receive complete credit. Students are required to complete the four hours of service each semester within the time frame of their COLL 101 course (ex. 4 wk. course, 8 week course, 16 week course, online).


Timesheets and the Reflection Essay guidelines will be provided in the COLL 101 course as well as online via the Service Seed link. Support and encouragement are also available. The site supervisor should sign the time sheets at the end of each time period. Students may do one-time opportunities or spread the four hours out over multiple locations. See the Service Opportunities link for community service needs in your area. The student is responsible for confirming that all documentation has been received and recorded prior to the end of the semester.