Crowder provides college experience to Upward Bound students

June 12, 2024

For Immediate Release
Office of Public Information
Crowder College

RE: Upward Bound students get college experience at Crowder         

Neosho, MO – The Upward Bound programs are currently hosting their summer academy on the Crowder College campus in Neosho. The program consists of high school students from 37 high schools in the area who participate in the Upward Bound/Upward Bound Math Science programs. This summer there are 228 students. The summer academy provides on campus living similar to a college experience for five weeks and concludes with a cultural trip. This year the participating 10th through 11th grade students will travel to Memphis and Gulf Shores, with seniors travelling to Washington D.C.

The summer academy consists of research classes in a variety of topics including CSI, Small Space Gardening, All about Bees, Computer Science, Sports Marketing, Weather Wonders, and AI and the Media. A student showcase symposium on will be held Thursday, June 27, 8:30-10:30am and 2:30-4:30pm in Wright Conference Center located inside the Arnold Farber building on the Neosho campus.

Research projects range from crime scene investigation to film as literature to graphic design with 20 different classes in all. Students take classes that will give them an overview of the high school math and English classes they will have when they return to school this fall. The students select a research project based on interests and possible career opportunities they wish to pursue.

UB is a federally funded Trio program that serves 1st generation students in preparation for college.

For more information contact: Shannon Hatfield, Upward Bound/Talent Search Director, 417.455.5435 or Nash Brodsky, UB/UBMS Assistant Director, 417.455.5461.


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